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Find warm leads and crush quota

Sales Navigator is one of the most underused yet powerful tool for prospecting. In less than 15 minutes, this free mini course will teach you exactly how to execute the most impactful strategies it has to offer.

What’s inside The Sales Navigator Playbook

Total run time: 15 minutes

1:24 min
Setting up Sales Navigator
1:09 min
Strategy #1: Job Changers
1:58 min
Strategy #2: Headcount Growth
1:54 min
Strategy #3: Lead Lists
2:22 min
Strategy #4: Previously Worked At Filter
1:46 min
Strategy #5: Connections Of Filter
1:54 min
Strategy #6: Content Keywords
1:34 min
Bonus Strategies
1:25 min
Hey I’m Jed Mahrle 👋

SDR turned Sales Manager, and now Head of Outbound

My first 6 months as an SDR, I struggled to hit quota. I was calling dead cold leads and felt like I needed a better reason to reach out. That’s when I started looking into Sales Navigator. 

It’s a tool that most of us have access to, but don’t really know how to get the most out of it. It wasn’t until I learned some of these strategies that I started doing 100%+ to quota, even 200%+!

In this mini course I’m going to teach you 8 of the exact strategies I’ve used over the last 3 years - plus, 3 bonus strategies - that helped me do over 200% of my quota. 

It was these strategies that helped me find consistency as an SDR which accelerated my promotion to SDR Management, where I eventually built a team from 3 to 15+ using the same strategies. 

Check them out so you too can have a leg up on the competition.