The Sell Better Membership

The last sales training you’ll ever need. Made for sellers, by sellers.

Discover how to build qualified pipeline fast, close deals in any market, and consistently 2-3x quota – from trainers who practice what they teach.

We all know that most sales training sucks.

The content is generic and outdated. It's not tailored to your sales process. It's taught by someone who hasn't sold anything in years.

It makes you feel like you’re going through the motions just to check a box on some exec’s list. That’s because most sales training only serves the needs of the corporation, not the individual.

The Sell Better Membership ain’t that. It’s built for salespeople – not the company you work for. It’s for SDRs, BDRs, and AEs who:

  • Want to eliminate the YEARS of frustration, self doubt, and missed quota it takes most reps to figure out a selling process that works
  • Are ready to take your career (and your earning potential) into your own hands
  • Want to make more money than your company’s entire C-suite – combined
  • Are sick of scouring LinkedIn for played out “best practices” that get you nowhere, fast
  • Don’t want to waste your time enduring the latest company-mandated training sessions
Screenshot of course curriculum

Members get it. Here's exactly what's included.

  • Filling the Funnel – John Barrow’s industry-renowned prospecting training one Salesforce exec deemed “mandatory viewing” for every SDR in the company
  • Driving to Close – deal execution training with step-by-step instructions on handling (almost) any sale-blocking objection
  • Live monthly Q&A with John and the Sell Better trainers so you’re always on the cutting edge of what’s working in the field
  • Instant access to a private, members-only community where you can celebrate wins, swap stories, and share tactics 
  • A suite of take-home resources, frameworks, and guides that’ll put you inside the mind of your prospects
  • Certification that forces sales leaders to pay attention (and pay you more)

Plus 5 BONUS masterclass-style courses where you’ll learn to:

  • Build an audience, land your next big career move, and drive real opportunities in Content Strategy for LinkedIn with Devin Reed
  • Effectively upsell, expand, retain, and renew existing accounts in Driving Results for Customer Success with Megan Holsinger
  • Understand the psychology behind why people buy to conduct better buying conversations in N.E.A.T. Selling with Richard Harris
  • Command attention from prospects and stand out from the crowd in Personal Branding 101 with James Buckley
  • Create genuine relationships with clients and buyers that will help you find and close bigger deals, more often – in Ashley Early’s Persona Masterclass

Become the highest-paid seller in the room – without selling your soul.

7 self-directed sales masterclasses. 6 instructors. 52 sessions.

1 outcome: you’ll never miss quota again.

Sell Better Core
Per Year
Unlock your earning potential
You get:
Signature training courses Filling the Funnel & Driving to Close
5 bonus masterclass-style courses from leading experts
Industry-recognized certification for your LinkedIn
Exclusive members-only community
Templates, frameworks, & resources to help you 3x quota

If you have any questions or concerns about the membership, email us.
We're happy to help.