Meet Attention!

The Ironman Suit for Your Sales Reps.

We LIKE the in-call info that Attention gives in the moment to help with objection handling, answering product questions and suggestions for setting the next step.

We LOVE that Attention then makes sure all call details are captured in CRM and the AMAZING follow-up emails it creates for us.

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Top 3 Features You Will Love

Automate CRM capture from calls

With new AI capabilities, Attention understands your conversations and fills up your CRM fields with one click.

Magically draft follow-up emails

Understands your conversations and drafts customized follow-up emails, leading to higher positive response rates.

Real-Time Sales Assistance acts as a voice assistant during your sales calls, offering real-time guidance to win deals and auto-filling your CRM with one click.

"Attention is going multiple layers deeper for me than what most Call Intelligence softwares offer. I can be certain that all CRM Opportunity fields are being updated with the auto-fill feature, I know my reps are saving time and following best practices for follow up emails using the AI generated follow-up email feature, and my favorite part, I have a built-in AI assistant to help me quickly analyze sales call recordings to pull out insights and feedback for my team. Attention is helping me and my reps save a ton of time and helping me get far more clear on what I need to coach them on."
Jed Mahrle

Jed Mahrle

Director of Sales @ Mailshake

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We know the struggle when looking at new software - we worked with the team at Attention to get you a SIMPLE and NO BS 15-min demo for you or your team.