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Tom Alaimo - 7 Figure Prospecting Bootcamp

30 day, cohort-style bootcamp to help you build a repeatable pipeline. Next Cohort starts June 18th.
Hosted by
Tom Alaimo
Founder & CEO, TA Sales


7 Figure Prospecting Bootcamp

10 live training calls to learn what you need to build your pipeline generation skills

Coaching from Tom Alaimo and guest speakers from the top 1% of salespeople and sales leaders

24/7 Slack Community filled with lik-minded peers to learn and grow with

Dozens of resources like email templates, call scripts, worksheets and slide decks

Lifetime access to all of the content (plus all calls are recorded!)

Who It's for

SDRs & BDRs looking to hit the top of their team's leaderboard

AEs who want to self-source a pipeline so big that missing quota is impossible

Sales Leaders who want to enable their team's to create predictable pipeline

What you will learn

  • A predictable system for booking more outbound meetings
  • Mastering the cold call
  • Cold emails that land meetings
  • Using sales tech to gain leverage in prospecting
  • Using the "Inner Game of Sales" to build confidence in prospecting
  • How to handle any objection thrown your way
  • Creating consistency in sales sequences and cadences
  • Account tiering, research and ICP creation

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Leslie's Hot Take

A prospecting transformation

Tom dives deep into strategies and techniques to make prospecting a breeze, so you can close those high-ticket deals like the pro that you are.  I love TA Sales for the well rounded approach to cohorts.  The frameworks and templates are so great to plug in immediately, the coaching is well rounded and feels like you have an extra mentor, and bonus you get access to a peer community to run ideas and questions by.   If you are focused on outbound this year, the 7-Figure Prospecting cohort will take you to the next level and then some.

Leslie Douglas

VP of Sponsor Sales, Host

Don't just take our word for it

What people are saying

Tom is hands down the best in the business for sales training. I've gone through many courses and worked 1-on-1 with a handful of trainers - none came close to the impact Tom has had on my success. His unique perspective on sales tactics and strategy, tied with the inner game, helped me turn knowledge into action. After working with Tom, my self-sourced pipeline has increased by 4x, leading to multiple opportunities with enterprise accounts and a personalized plan to hit my quota. Sales knowledge aside, Tom is also a one-of-a-kind human being. Tom started as a mentor and quickly became a friend. He continues to go above and beyond to support success. Want to step up your game? Get in touch with Tom.

Colin Runk

Strategic Sales Director at Activate

Enrolling in the 7 Figure Bootcamp was a game-changer for me. The insights and strategies provided by the program have not only transformed my approach to engaging with new prospects but have also elevated the quality of my game Since completing the bootcamp, I've experienced a remarkable shift in my results—I now consistently book at least 2 meetings a week. This achievement is particularly significant as I was previously struggling to secure even a single meeting. The impact of this training on my professional success has been nothing short of phenomenal, and I wholeheartedly attribute my newfound success to the invaluable lessons learned in the 7 Figure Bootcamp. Thanks, Tommy T Money

Ivan Jurisic

Sales Executive at SolutionStack

Incredibly fortunate to have taken part in Tom's Prospecting Bootcamp. Generating pipeline is the lifeblood of sales, and my intention when signing up for this was to pick up new tactics and ideas to continuously improve my craft (and obviously turn that into new sales opportunities in my current role... I've generated 3 new opps for 100k+ since starting the course using ideas we discussed). But this course, and the format it's built on, has offered so much more. You'll learn networking, story telling, managing up, mental discipline and stability, solidifying your "why", and productivity hacks. It's quite a comprehensive training curriculum, and for the price to participate and time required, I'd confidently say the ROI is 10x at bare minimum. And you can't put a price on the connections you'll make along the way. Highly, HIGHLY, recommended for anyone who wants to level up their game.

Jim Jenkins

AE @ Tricentis

I highly recommend Tom and glad to discuss what we did for my team.  Our ROI is tenfold just on a few tips that were gamechangers.

Brad Isaacs

President at enCappture

Meet your instructor

Meet your instructors

Tom Alaimo

Tom Alaimo, Founder & CEO of TA Sales, is on a mission to positive impact salespeople all over the world.

He's spent over a decade selling everything from knives to lead generation to 7-figure software deals at companies like Gong.

TA Sales has trained and coached hundreds of salespeople from companies like Salesforce, Gong, Databricks and Amazon to build a massive pipeline, close more deals and develop their "Inner Game".