Sales Training

Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran transitioning to a new role, training is a great way to give your career a healthy boost.  Because we got our start in Sales Training with John Barrows we guarantee our recommended courses will not just teach the basics of how to be successful, but also give you the tips and tricks needed to polish the skills you already have.


We’ve curated a list of our favorite sales training courses and memberships that will help you continue to improve your career. Because of our relationship with these trainers, we are able to get our audience discounts on their most popular courses

Learn new skills

Elevate essential skills like negotiation, how to close deals, getting higher-quality meetings.

Improve  customer  experience

Learn how to make your customer buying experience memorable. Clients are buying the experience as much as they are buying your offering.

Adapt to changes

Technology is rapidly changing the way every industry does business. Learn how to leverage new technologies to your benefit … don't get left behind.

Don't just take our word for it

What our audience is saying

"I used your courses to go from 0 meetings in month 1 to 110%+ of quota every month since! I'm pumped!"
Brian Mulry

Brian Mulry

AE, Salesloft

"I got hired with no sales background and since enrolling in your program I have exceeded my quota by 300%. I’ve already been promoted 2x in 9 months. Thank you!"
Lauren Smiley

Lauren Smiley

Enterprise ADR @ Rescale

"I am the VP of Sales of a high growth SaaS organization that operates in a very competitive market, and Sell Better has helped us gain a competitive edge. I highly recommend taking advantage of Sell Better's webinars and courses if you want your Team improve their skill set and stay ahead of the game."

PJ Fletcher

VP, Sales at XOi Technologies

"I'm an Enterprise SDR at Drift and I sell to marketing and sales leaders of B2B companies. Sell Better helped me figure out my outbound frameworks. I was struggling with my quota after being fully ramped, found Sell Better, and the next month hit my quota at 220%. Since, I've yet to dip below 100%. - Best things about the content is there is always a takeaway or helpful thing to try. In sales, what works for one person can work for another, so it's great to get new ideas and approaches for your outreach."
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Paul De Libero

Sr. Enterprise SDR at Drift

"Sell Better has enabled me to be confident in my outbound strategy and ability to close deals. It was the place I went to when I got into the Sales game. I went from unconfident and awkward in my approach to being asked by my sales leaders to share what I have done with the entire sales org. I am grateful to the team for what they've put together... forever a fan!!"
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John Haboush

AE @

"The techniques the team learned during our Sell Better training gave us a 100% month over month increase in activity, 35% increase in booked calls and a 59% increase in qualified leads pushed into the pipeline."
Lisa Schnare

Lisa Schnare

Former Sales Manager at Affino


You have questions and we have the answers. If you don’t see what you need here - ask!

How do I choose which course is best for me?

Great question! While we wouldn’t offer something at SellBetter that we don’t back 1,000%, everyone's career, skills, and learning styles are different.  Before spending your time and money on a course - chat with us! Set up a call or email us your questions and we'll walk you through the options and help you choose the right course. Click here to get started

 How do I purchase for a group?

Sales revenue is at the heart of every thriving business and having a well trained team can be vital to success.  Schedule a quick call or send us your questions and our sales aficionado, Leslie, will help you and your team get started. Click here to get started

 I attend all your shows - Why do i also need sales training ?

We believe in structured training as it allows for some accountability, feedback and most of all peer / training coaching that you won't get in most free content and courses.

I’ve done sales training before, why should I signup again?

At SellBetter we believe career improvement shouldn’t be a one and done approach. Recent studies show that sales reps forget roughly 70% of the information they learn! Aside from the risk of forgetting what we have already learned - in this digital age there is always a new tool, technology, or approach that will help us sell better. So, we should always be investing in training and career development.

Still have questions?

No problem, send us a message or schedule a call!