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The Reeder - Content Strategy for LinkedIn

Stop the spiral of self doubt and low-performing content. Start creating highly-engaging posts and build a loyal audience on LinkedIn. This 1-hour self-guided video course — overflowing with tips, ideas, and examples — will teach you how to create compelling LinkedIn content.
Hosted by
Devin Reed
Head of Content @ Clari & Founder @ The Reeder



1-hour self-guided video course for anyone interested in growing their personal brand using LinkedIn.

Teach you how to how create compelling LinkedIn content

Design a plan to reach any professional goal

How to avoid deadly mistakes that prevent traction

Build and grow a personal brand you are proud of

Who It's for

Anyone who wants to build professional credibility and increase earning potential using LinkedIn

Those who want to start posting (or post more often) but don't know where to start or are nervous about putting yourself out there

Anyone who wants a LinkedIn profile that they're proud to show recruiters and prospects

What you will learn

  • 3-part formula for creating highly engaging content that people can’t help but like and share
  • 10 LinkedIn writing prompts that remove writer's block and makes posting every day incredibly easy
  • 6-point profile checklist that immediately boosts your credibility with buyers, recruiters, and followers
  • 4-step formula that turns your profile from a "dead-end" to a conversion machine
  • How to write the single most important sentence on your profile to increase your visibility and page traffic
Leslie's Hot Take

Devin is a fantastic mix of marketing and sales, and shares it all.

This 1-hour self-guided video course is THE course to take if you are looking to build your brand and create content on LinkedIn. Devin is a fantastic mix of marketing and sales, and shares all of his tips, ideas, and examples on how to create captivating LinkedIn content. From the look and feel of your profile page, to the content you post, it is fun and has formulas that you can use to make things easier. You will have a strategy to be consistent and impactful with your social selling!

Leslie Douglas

VP of Sponsor Sales, Host

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What people are saying

Started posting consistently this February after taking Devin Reed's LinkedIn course and haven't looked back!In 3 months, 1,632 people viewed my profile. And their titles shocked me 😳

Danilo Vuk Capric

Sr. Account Executive - DatabricksDatabricks

Devin is among the world's premier content strategists. An incredibly gifted writer and storyteller, he attacks his craft with remarkable energy, enthusiasm, eagerness. And my goodness, he's generous! Read him now.

Eddie Shleyner

Founder - Very Good Copy

I learned a TON of valuable insights and advice on maximizing my LinkedIn reach by completing the Content Strategy for LinkedIn course! My online profile is getting a professional makeover, and Devin's 10 writing prompts help me overcome writer's block about what to post. This course is so valuable that I'm now requiring my Georgetown students to complete it as part of our Startup Internship Seminar program. Whether you are just starting your career or have decades of experience, this course will help you take the next step up in your career.

Mike Malloy

Adjunct Professor - Georgetown University

After only 2 sessions with Devin, my LinkedIn reach nearly doubled. Using his "Build vs. Optimize" framework, we've quickly identified the best opportunity to optimize my LinkedIn content and fixed it. The best part? A perfect-fit customer booked a call with our team to learn how we can work together. Excited to see how far I can take this. Thanks Devin!

Jakub Zajicek

CEO - Speak on Podcasts

Meet your instructor

Meet your instructors

Devin Reed

I went from zero marketing experience to head of content at a billion-dollar startup in 12 months. All because I figured out how to capture attention and convert it into revenue in the digital world. Now I build content strategies that dominate their competition, build unbelievably loyal audiences, and position themselves as THE category leader.