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Will's B2B Prospecting Course

Discover an electrifying and value-packed video course designed exclusively for B2B sales professionals, highly produced to delve into every facet of outbound prospecting. Sharpen your sales skills to schedule more meetings with Will's tactical and engaging walkthrough of modern outbound selling strategies.
Hosted by
Will Aitken
Trust Me, I'm a Salesperson



3-Hours of Densely Edited Video Content

Broken Down in 18 Easy to Consume Chapters

Learn How to Craft Messaging That Resonates

Walkthroughs and Examples of How to Find Great Fit Leads

In-Depth Masterclasses on All Outbound Channels

Lifetime Access

Who It's for

Full Time Prospectors (SDRS/BDRS) looking to exceed their qualified meeting goals

Full Cycle Account Executives looking to source their own pipeline

Sales Leaders & Enablers looking to pass on excellent sales knowledge to their team

What you will learn

The full list of topics in this course are:

1. Prospecting Basics

  • Why everyone should prospect

2. Messaging

  • Ditching the lame pitch
  • Building a compelling value prop
  • Breaking through the noise & buyer's defenses

3. List Building

  • Identifying your "Ideal Customer Profile"
  • How to maintain a healthy lead list
  • Making use of triggers for scaled outreach

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Masterclass

  • Finding leads no one else can
  • Using advanced search functionality
  • Making use of account searches to layer in triggers
  • Hacks and secrets

5. Cold Calling

  • Overcoming phone fear
  • Nailing your cold call opener
  • Having a hook worthy reason for your call
  • What questions to ask
  • When to book the meeting

6. Objection Handling

  • Avoiding objections
  • Handling knee jerk objections
  • Understanding the REAL objection

7. Voicemails

  • Leaving voicemails that aren't a waste of time

8. Cold Emails

  • Cold email deliverability
  • Subject Lines and preview text
  • Email formatting and mistakes
  • The body of you cold email + OPSA framework
  • Follow up emails
  • 10 cold email & follow up templates

9. Video Prospecting

  • When to make use of video in sales
  • Tips for showing up great on camera
  • Talk track for your prospecting videos

10. Sequences/Cadences

  • Sequences best practices / tips
  • 2-week cadence template

11. Referrals

  • When & how to ask for referrals

12. Elevator Pitches

  • How to tell people what you do
  • How to tell people what your product does

13. Events

  • Event preparation
  • Working a trade show booth
  • Attending networking events
  • Event survival tips

14. Inbound Leads

  • Meeting/demo requests
  • Marketing generated content leads

15. Preventing No Shows

  • How to avoid no shows
  • What to do if you get no showed

16. Pattern Interrupts

  • Personalizaiton
  • Gifting
  • Memes/GIFs

17. Using Tech

  • My prospecting tech stack

18. Time Management

  • Time blocking and task management

19. Staying Motivated

  • Avoiding burnout & stress
  • Staying motivated in sales

The course is designed to be consumed via video but is also provided in written format for easy consumption.

Total word count: 20,000

Total duration: 2 hours 57 minutes

Total slides/visuals: 200

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Leslie's Hot Take

Will is electric!

You can’t help but want to jump head first into prospecting after this course and you will feel like you can conquer any objection you face.  It covers all aspects of selling a-to-z. I really appreciate the way Will lays out sales concepts to help remove the barrier of getting started.  If you are responsible for generating your own deals, and you like your sales with a good helping of humor, this course is packed with quick paced action plans, fun tips, and it is the best mashup of education and entertainment on the market.

Leslie Douglas

VP of Sponsor Sales, Host

Don't just take our word for it

What people are saying

I have never laughed so hard in a sales course. Ever. It’s Will in all his glory. Rapid fire great tips and practical advice in a hilarious delivery that only he does this well. But if you have kids in the room, put on those earbuds 😂

Stephanie White

Sales Enablement at Loopio

Will Aitken's course on sales is one of the amusing and actionable courses I've taken in a long time. Its not just good, its also comprehensive and covers everything from prospecting to time management. Super refreshing and easy to follow.

Will McGhee

There's so much advice on LinkedIn, it's hard to find what you need or figure out what's right on wrong. This course put everything prospecting related in one place that's easy to consume. Will makes use analogies to make it easy to understand

Kyle Delperdang

Enterprise BDR at Amperity

Meet your instructor

Meet your instructors

Will Aitken

Will Aitken is a  sales coach and content creator with over 8 years of sales experience. Having  sold poorly for the first half of his career his eyes were finally opened by  great training & management. He's now on a mission to help other sellers  have that same lightbulb moment through his training & content.