Somersault Innovation - Sell by Design Discovery Course

Learn innovative discovery skills that will differentiate you from the pack and grow your portfolio. A self-paced, online program, is 2.5 hours of content consisting of short videos, account based application exercises (a playbook), knowledge and skill checks.
Hosted by
Ashley Welch
Co -founder of Somersault Innovation and developer of the The Sell by Design™ methodology
Justin Jones
Co -founder of Somersault Innovation and developer of the The Sell by Design™ methodology


Get Breakthrough Results with Design Thinking

Short, easy-to-consume video bites​

Immediate and practical application exercises on a target account in a downloadable Playbook​

Peer insights from revenue professionals in other companies​

Self paced quizzes and learning Summaries​

Revenue Account Team and Manager versions to support managers with coaching

"​Use It or Lose It Challenge” which invites participants to apply what they’ve learned immediately to an account

Who It's for

Full Cycle sales reps with complex sales

Sales Professionals looking to deepen their discovery method and find more opportunity with their prospects/clients

Sellerswho are looking for a more consultative approach and sell bigger deals

What you will learn


  • Welcome and Introduction 
  • Voices from the Field
  • Playbook: Choose an Account to Start With


  • The Macro and Micro of Your Customer
  • Your Customer's Macro Priorities
  • Playbook: Know Your Customer's Macro Priorities
  • Account Team Pro-Tip
  • Mapping Your Customer's Micro
  • Playbook: Create Your Customer's Micro Map
  • Account Team Pro-Tip
  • Determine Your Discovery Strategy
  • Playbook: Determine Your Discovery Plan, Part 1
  • Account Team Pro-Tip
  • Voices from the Field
  • Check Your Discovery Strategy Know-How
  • Reflections: Discovery Strategy Mic Drop


  • How to Do Great Discovery
  • Supercharge Your Curiosity
  • Power Up Your Empathy
  • Test Your Mindsets
  • Deep Dive Conversations
  • Deep Dive Demo
  • Show Me
  • Chairsides
  • Be the Customer
  • Fly on the Wall
  • Account Team Pro-Tip
  • Playbook: Finalize Your Discovery Plan (Part 2)
  • Voices from the Field: From Discovery to Insight
  • Test Your Discovery Methods Mojo
  • Reflections: Discovery Mindsets and Methods Mic Drop


  • Introduction to Insights
  • Telling User Stories
  • Playbook: Build Your User Story
  • Framing an Insightful Point of View
  • Playbook: Framing Your POV
  • Account Team Pro-Tip
  • Delivering Your Insights
  • Test Your Insight about Insights
  • Reflections: Insights Mic Drop


  • Congrats! Now Use It or Lose It

Leslie's Hot Take

Sell by Design Discovery is a refreshing method and approach for complex sales! 

If you are a B2B seller with enterprise or complex sales, these discovery tools are a game changer.  Ashley & Justin provide a playbook that accompanies the methods they teach, and have you use one of your accounts to walk through this course.  My favorite 2 parts are first, the way they frame the discovery mindset, as well as the  “voices from the field.” Hearing real stories from people using the techniques & strategies helps me think of ways I can approach my prospects and clients.  Ashley and Justin are incredible sales people who lead with empathy and understanding.  This course will have you standing out from your competition early in your conversations.

Leslie Douglas

VP of Sponsor Sales, Host

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What people are saying

The curious seller wins, not because they have the best offering but because they have made their offering most relevant for their customers. Sell by Design Discovery offers real return in the way of more and higher quality pipeline and better deal control because one builds a deep understanding of the customer.


20 years as a seller and sales leader security services & software firm

Using design thinking for discovery is about leverage. If you want high quality pipeline, larger deals, and faster deal conversion, get your reps involved in these discovery methodologies. You won’t be disappointed.


25 Years as a Seller and VP Of Enterprise Sales Top Cloud Based Software Company

I took the Sell by Design course 7 years ago and it is the only sales training that I remember. Leading with empathy fundamentally changed how I interact with customers and has led to multi-million dollar, multi-year deals


13 Years As An Account Executive In Enterprise Sales Top Cloud Based Software Company

After many years, I have realized that Design Thinking is the best method to build deep client engagement because it enables you to be truly customer centric.


25 years as Sales Executive and VP of Global GTM enablement and effectiveness low-code software company

Meet your instructor

Meet your instructors

Ashley Welch

Ashley is curious–endlessly curious to understand the “why” behind people and their ideas.

Her curiosity has led her into all sorts of adventures, many of which have included traveling and living in foreign lands. It has also helped her succeed in both sales and innovation. She has spent most of her 20-plus- year career in sales working with global companies to inspire collaboration and innovation. She is always thinking of new ways to solve a problem or create something captivating: whether leading local high schoolers to deliver knock-out TEDx Talks, convening Boston-area thought leaders around a dinner table, or helping global technology firms delight their customers. Ashley holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan.

Justin Jones

Justin is happiest helping people navigate complex problems. 

Whether it’s tech sales professionals seeking to coax the world’s largest companies toward digital transformation, or a group of engineers extending the life of nuclear reactors as part of a carbon-neutral play to save our planet, he enjoys helping teams step outside of their status quo into insight and breakthrough. 

He finds the methods of Design Thinking particularly compelling because of its human-centered principles, which recognize that we all simultaneously crave our comfort zone and the thrill of novelty. His wheelhouse is helping others find their footing in navigating that paradox, and that’s why he co-founded Somersault Innovation with Ashley Welch. Their work is elevating the capacity of sales and problem solving teams, mostly within the Fortune 500.