Follow-Up Messaging That Actually Gets Replies

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Show notes

Your follow-up strategy can make or break the success of your entire sales funnel.

It’s the #1 way to recapture lost prospects (but also the easiest way to push them away from your offer completely).

This show is all about the details of a successful follow-up strategy: messaging strategies that encourage replies, timing and cadence tips, and sample frameworks. Watch and steal them for yourself!

What You'll Learn:
  • How to be persistent without seeming pushy
  • Audit strategies that quickly identify gaps in your messaging
  • Tips for handling prospects who ghost despite great follow-ups


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
VP of Sponsorships
Sell Better
Tom Slocum
Tom Slocum
Tom Slocum
Founder & CEO
The SD Lab
Sydney Senior
Sydney Senior
Sydney Senior
SMB Account Executive