Help Your Sales Team Consistently Hit Quota By Overcoming These 3 Challenges

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Show notes

Many sales leaders agree:

– Competition (54%)
– Budget restriction (48%)
– Leadership alignment (44%)

…are the top obstacles standing in the way of growth for most sales teams.

On this show, we show you how to identify where these market challenges are impacting your team – and how to fix them.

Hear from industry experts on how they’re conquering these 3 challenges, and learn how to coach your team to overcome market obstacles quickly.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to overcome market competition
  • Ways to master sales despite budget restrictions
  • How to align leadership to coach your team through any market obstacle


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Head of Sales Programming
Sell Better
Victoria Loewenstern
Victoria Loewenstern
Victoria Loewenstern
Director, Sales Development
Matt Green
Matt Green
Matt Green
Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Sales Assembly