How to Create Effective Cold Outbound Sequences

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Show notes

How many touches should you deliver over a certain period of time to get a prospect interested - and what should those touches look like?

Answer those questions, and you have a framework for repeated success.

Luckily we have some top reps who have the answer to these questions and have figured out what's stale, what's fresh, and they're sharing it all in our live show.

Learn what’s working today and even get a peek inside the sequences that have led their teams to shatter quotas.

What You'll Learn:
  • Sequences that have officially quit working
  • Battle-tested sequence blueprints
  • Three game-changing sequence tips you need today


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Head of Sales Programming
Sell Better
Jill Bruno
Jill Bruno
Jill Bruno
Senior Manager, Sales Development
Mattia Schaper
Mattia Schaper
Mattia Schaper
SDRs of Germany