How to Lead Your Sales Team in Today's Economy

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Show notes

Today’s economy is full of uncertainty - not just on the buyer side, but the seller side, too.

Sales leaders need to adapt to how things are now, so they can guide their teams through and help them find success when other teams are faltering.

In this show, we’ll help leaders and managers know what they can and cannot control in today’s economic climate, and help them keep teams on target and motivated when uncertainty rules the day.

What You'll Learn:
  • The top challenges sales teams are facing in 2023, and why
  • How to keep your sellers motivated and focused when everyone else isn’t
  • Key strategies that every leader must incorporate into their leadership style


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
VP of Sponsorships
Sell Better
Elizabeth Andrew
Elizabeth Andrew
Elizabeth Andrew
VP of Sales / TEDx Speaker
Sujan Patel
Sujan Patel
Sujan Patel