How to Write A Cold Email That Stands Out and Drives Action

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Show notes

Personalizing emails where you just say “I’m impressed by your background!” won’t cut it.

You need to be more creative if you want to catch their attention, and that means making your personalization matter.

Jc Pollard, the king of creative emails, is back. He will be sharing how he harnesses inspiration to make his messages hit home. You’ll see real-life examples of his methods in action - and you’ll be able to leverage them for yourself right away.

What You'll Learn:
  • The best places to find relevant info about your prospects
  • How to creatively weave your research throughout your email
  • How to be brief, relevant, and creative at the same time


Adrian Cea
Adrian Cea
Adrian Cea
Content Creator
Sell Better
J. Pollard
J. Pollard
J. Pollard
Senior Account Executive