Questions to Ask to Nail the Discovery Call Every Time

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Show notes

Nailing the discovery means getting the prospect excited about the next steps. And this success hinges on understanding the prospects' pain points and connecting your solution to their business objectives.

Which is tricky! Even the most experienced AEs struggle with discovery.

Luckily our guest, Brian LaManna, is here to share how to identify prospect pains, recap your prospect's answers, and set the next steps that really matter for both you and your prospect.

What You'll Learn:
  • Questions that pinpoint and quantify prospect pain
  • How to differentiate between essential outcomes and “nice-to-haves”
  • Compelling recaps and tips to set impactful next steps


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
VP of Sponsorships
Sell Better
Brian LaManna
Brian LaManna
Brian LaManna
Senior Mid-Market AE