Relevance vs Personalization: What Converts on Cold Emails

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Show notes

Watch this live Sell Better show where Julia Carter and Heidi Briones discuss the keys to crafting the perfect email: relevance or personalization.

Julia will show you how tailoring your message to what matters to your client, such as interests or challenges, can make your email stand out. While Heidi will explain why personalizing your emails to each client can create a deeper connection.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of which strategy is right for you and how to write emails your clients won’t ignore.

What You'll Learn:
  • Differences between relevance and personalization email strategies
  • Real-world examples of both
  • How to pick and apply the best approach


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
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Sell Better
Julia Carter
Julia Carter
Julia Carter
Account Executive
Heidi Briones
Heidi Briones
Heidi Briones
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