The Simple Voicemail Script to Increase Callback Rates

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Show notes

When you call, and they don’t answer, the age-old question arises: should I leave a voicemail?

You need to know when it’s appropriate and how to do it - especially since a bad voicemail can ruin any chance of getting a return call. But a great one can get a response, and that’s what we’ll teach you to create in this Sell Better show.

What You'll Learn:
  • The most optimal voicemail scripts that get prospects to actually call back
  • How to know when to leave a voicemail and how to control your tone
  • Top mistakes to avoid on voicemails, from pitching to rambling and more


Adrian Cea
Adrian Cea
Adrian Cea
Content Creator
Sell Better
Florian Decludt
Florian Decludt
Florian Decludt
Client Advisor
Venli Consulting Group LLC