The Ultimate Cold Prospecting Masterclass

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Show notes

Cold calls getting more hang-ups than booked meetings? Voicemails going unanswered? Struggling to get on an exec’s calendar?

Without a game plan, prospecting can quickly become a tedious grind that produces nothing but frustration, self-doubt, and missed quota. But with the right tactics and strategy, you’re unstoppable.

Ditch the played out prospecting “best practices” and learn what REALLY works in the Ultimate Cold Prospecting Masterclass.

You’ll walk away with the exact frameworks, tactics, worksheets, and talk tracks elite sales reps use to book more qualified meetings, consistently fill their pipeline, and blow past quota.

Better check your passport is valid. This workshop is a one-way ticket to President’s Club.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Customizable templates and worksheets that’ll uplevel your dials
  • Zero-fluff prospecting tactics that break through the noise and book meetings
  • Cold calling techniques that actually work in 2022
  • How to create real urgency that drives prospects to act NOW
  • Proven outbound plays you can steal and start using immediately
  • Battle-tested scripts and cadences ready to customize for your industry
  • How prepare for (and overcome) the hardest-hitting objections every single time

All attendees will ALSO receive:

  • BONUS access to our most popular sales course, Filling the Funnel ($365 value)
  • Filling the Funnel certification

You’ll learn from THE TOP sellers in the game. Meet your instructors:

  • Bonafide sales legend John Barrows
  • Prospecting mastermind Jason Bay
  • Cold calling superstar Sarah Brazier
  • Mr. President’s Club Nick Cegelski
  • The king of sales content Devin Reed

If you’re looking for high-level sales theory, you won’t find it here.

Everything you’ll learn in this workshop is hyper-tactical, immediately actionable, and specifically designed to launch your outbound sales game to the stratosphere.