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Online masterclasses

Seven self-directed courses all designed to get you to president’s club.

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Get recruiters and sales leaders to pay attention (and pay you more).

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Templates and Tools

Proven templates, scripts, cadences and other resources.

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Monthly LIVE training sessions

Learn what’s proven to work from the best sales trainers in the field.

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Exclusive question-and-answer sessions

Get answers to your burning sales questions with monthly live Q+As.

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Members-only Slack community

Share ideas, swap stories, & learn from a community of like-minded sellers.

Build a 7-figure sales career without years of trial & error, frustration, and missed quota

Our signature training courses are guaranteed* to help you top the leaderboard every single time.

*Yep, guaranteed. Get results, or your money back.

Filling the Funnel
John Barrows

Filling the Funnel

Most sales problems are solved with a full pipeline. Filling the Funnel will teach you exactly how to build yours.
Driving to Close
John Barrows

Driving to Close

Learn actionable techniques for maintaining urgency, handling objections, negotiating and closing out deals.
LinkedIn Content Strategy
Devin Reed

LinkedIn Content Strategy

Learn to build an audience, land your next big career move, and drive real opportunities on the world's largest professional social network.
Customer Success
Meg Holsinger

Customer Success

Effectively upsell, expand, retain, and renew existing accounts with tools and tactics taken from the customer success playbook and delivered for sales professionals.
NEAT Selling
Richard Harris

NEAT Selling

Understand the psychology behind why people buy and learn to have better conversations that lead to a pipeline full of qualified deals that are more likely to close.
Personal Branding 101
James Buckley

Personal Branding 101

Command attention from prospects and stand out from the crowd by learning to build a personal brand that makes an impact.
Persona Masterclass
Ashley Early

Persona Masterclass

Build empathy, build relationships, build pipeline. Get a repeatable framework for building meaningful client relationships that will help you close bigger deals, more often.
Live Sessions
John Barrows

Live Sessions

Keep your sales game airtight and stay up-to-date with the latest tactics in monthly live sessions with sales legend John Barrows and the expert trainers on the Sell Better team.

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Why should I sign up?

The Sell Better Membership isn’t for everyone. But if you’re a driven, ambitious sales professional looking to unlock a game-changing career and add a couple extra zeros to your W2, then it’s definitely for you.

Consider it an investment in yourself—which is never a bad call.

What results are members getting?

Our members can speak for themselves on this one…

“I used your courses to go from 0 meetings in Month 1 to 110%+ of quota every month since! I’m pumped!” – Bryan M

"Because of the resources you’ve provided and your team, I’m fortunate enough to be considered for a promotion. My interview’s on Tuesday!”
– Matt B

“Got on a demo today and was able to EXCEED my quota with 2 days still left in the month. Appreciate the assist!” – Elizabeth K

Can I get my company to pay for this?

You betcha! Tons of our members get their company to cover the cost because it falls under professional development. Use this template when you make the ask:

Hey Boss,

I’ve been looking for ways to up my sales game, and I found the Sell Better Membership. It’s online sales training, resources, and events designed to improve my pipeline generation and deal execution skills.

I’m confident this will give me the boost I need to take my performance to the next level. The cost is $365/year. Would it be impossible to have [company name] reimburse the cost as part of my learning and development?

- Your Name

PS: I’d even be game to share some of the highlights of what I’ve learned in our team meetings to help elevate the team.

How much does membership cost?

Your membership is an investment in yourself, your career, and your income. You can sign up for a CORE membership for $365/year, or a PLUS membership for $995/year.

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