5 Successful Tactics for Nailing the Cold Call With Gatekeepers

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Show notes

Sellers dread gatekeepers and conspire to dodge or circumvent them - but they shouldn’t. Gatekeepers can be your best ally in getting to the buyer… if you treat them the right way.

Join us for a conversation that will change your view of gatekeepers from stone walls to willing advocates. Get tactics that will help you come across as a trusted sales professional - not just another pushy salesperson.

What you'll learn:

  • The proper way to treat gatekeepers and earn their support - instead of blowing it
  • Top things you can do and say to turn gatekeepers into allies
  • How to be professionally persistent instead of unprofessionally annoying


James Buckley
James Buckley
James Buckley
Content Creator & Host
Sell Better
Kevin Hopp
Kevin Hopp
Kevin Hopp
Hopp Consulting Group