Cold Call Openers to Hook Your Prospect in 30 Seconds

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Show notes

You’ve dialed the number, your heart’s racing, and you’re met with an executive on the other end. Suddenly, you’re scrambling for the right words.

Sound familiar? Making a genuine connection in mere seconds is a challenge.

That’s why in this Sell Better show, we’re diving deep into the art of cold calling. You'll discover impactful openers and ways to maintain your confidence, even when faced with objections.

What You'll Learn:
  • Prep tactics that leave you feeling prepared for your cold calls
  • Tips to start your conversation with openers that resonate
  • Strategies to overcome objections and keep the dialogue flowing


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
VP of Sponsorships
Sell Better
Gabrielle Blackwell
Gabrielle Blackwell
Gabrielle Blackwell
The One on One