Creative Cold Prospecting Techniques to Book More Meetings

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Show notes

According to one of our guests, Ryan O’Hara, only 40% of sales reps reach their pipeline goal. And uncreative or general messaging could make you part of that statistic.

The rise of AI has transformed how buyers perceive sales messaging, making it harder to stand out. But Ryan O’Hara and Dale Dupree have mastered creative outreach.

Together in this live show, they’ll join in a discussion on how to capture attention with creativity. Come learn the unconventional tactics they have used to stay ahead of the game!

What You'll Learn:
  • Innovative tactics to overcome standard outreach fatigue
  • How to generate pipeline by creating captivating content
  • Insights on creative strategies that have worked for top sellers


James Buckley
James Buckley
James Buckley
Content Creator & Host
Sell Better
Dale Dupree
Dale Dupree
Dale Dupree
Founder and CSO
The Sales Rebellion
Ryan O'Hara
Ryan O'Hara
Ryan O'Hara
Founder and CEO