Daily Actionable Sales Tactics to Help You Hit Quota Faster

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Show notes

Right now, your pipeline has low-hanging fruit: quick wins you can close out in no time and get closer to quota.

You just need to know how to segment to find them, create a powerful hook, and drive immediate action.

In this show, you’ll learn how to find these quick-buy opportunities and pick low-hanging fruit off the vine, so you can stay on track to quota and keep your pipeline moving.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to segment your pipeline for quick wins
  • How to craft messaging to immediately hook and convince your prospect
  • How to use the T.O.N.E method to hit quota fast


Adrian Cea
Adrian Cea
Adrian Cea
Content Creator
Sell Better
Ernest Owusu
Ernest Owusu
Ernest Owusu
Sr. Director, Sales Development