How to Convert 3 Out of 5 Prospects on LinkedIn

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Show notes

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly popular prospecting channel. 

The problem is, that most LinkedIn outreach is dull and boring. Hence, why most struggle to see meaningful results. 

LinkedIn expert, Dariia Gerasymova, shared the creative outreach strategies and tactics she uses to convert 3 out of every 5 prospects on LinkedIn!

Get real examples, templates, and more!

What You'll Learn:
  • How to stand out on LinkedIn
  • How to book meetings via LinkedIn DMs
  • Creative strategies you can use right away


Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Practical Prospecting
Dariia Gerasymova
Dariia Gerasymova
Dariia Gerasymova
Strategic Partnerships & Sales
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