How to Nail the SDR to AE Transition

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Show notes

A logical next step for most SDRs is to transition to an AE.

But what does that jump look like?

What is the day-to-day life once you get there?

Join Sell Better as we answer these questions and walk through the life of top-performing reps who have taken this road and excelled.

What You'll Learn:
  • Day-to-day changes from SDR to AE
  • How to manage up and secure a promotion
  • Other career paths available to you


Caroline Maloney
Caroline Maloney
Caroline Maloney
Customer Marketing & Community
Kat Shuchuk
Kat Shuchuk
Kat Shuchuk
Senior Commercial AE
Rod Baptista
Rod Baptista
Rod Baptista
Senior SDR
Gradient AI