How to Use ChatGPT and LinkedIn Sales Nav to Generate 1,000+ Warm Leads

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Show notes

Sales Navigator is one of the best tools for sales reps. But it can be confusing…

Colin Gallagher joined us to share a simple ChatGPT prompt you can run to create hyper-relevant and targeted lists in Sales Navigator.

After running this prompt, it will be like putting lead list building on Sales Nav in easy mode.

No thinking needed. All you have to do is start reaching out!

What You'll Learn:
  • Colin’s ChatGPT prompt for list building
  • How to use ChatGPT with Sales Navigator
  • Real-time list-building examples


Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Practical Prospecting
Colin Gallagher
Colin Gallagher
Colin Gallagher
Linkedin AI Mastery