How to Write Cold Emails Prospects Can’t Ignore

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Show notes

Want to dramatically improve your sales messaging? Write it yourself.

Top sellers have mastered the art of crafting their own copy for emails - using their own words and personality to connect and influence.

Learn how to be your own sales copywriter, and you’ll get more replies and conversions.

Start by attending this show that’s all about one of the most important skills in sales: copywriting.

What You'll Learn:
  • Why copywriting is something every sales rep should embrace
  • How to get noticeably better at copywriting from day one
  • Attention-grabbing tips copywriters use to create killer cold emails


Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Practical Prospecting
Devin Reed
Devin Reed
Devin Reed
The Reeder