How to Write Messaging That Converts

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Show notes

Missing quotas can be a demoralizing experience for any sales professional, including Caspian Lewke, one of Gong’s top reps. Even he faced a time when he missed quota completely, forcing him to rethink his entire sales messaging approach.

Many sales reps are losing traction on their accounts with outdated messaging templates, resulting in a continuous cycle of missed opportunities.

Luckily, Caspian will give us actionable insights into how he revamped his messaging with simple and impactful changes to existing templates.

What You'll Learn:
  • Four crucial steps to bounce back after missing your quota
  • How to use OOO messages to gain more traction in your accounts
  • Simple changes you can make to existing templates to book more meetings


James Buckley
James Buckley
James Buckley
Content Creator & Host
Sell Better
Caspian Lewke
Caspian Lewke
Caspian Lewke
Associate Sales Engineer