Negotiation Tactics to Boost Your Close Rate

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Show notes

Today’s deals are more competitive than ever and involve more stakeholders.

Negotiation skills are a MUST if you want to hold a strong close rate. Troy has been closing highly competitive deals for over a decade and in this show, he consolidated what he’s learned into a few easy-to-apply strategies.

Plus, he shared a simple technique to drastically shorten your sales cycle length.

What You'll Learn:
  • Troy’s top tips for negotiating like a pro
  • How to deploy TBI’s to drastically shorten your sales cycle
  • When to negotiate (and when not to)


Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Practical Prospecting
Troy Barter
Troy Barter
Troy Barter
Head of Revenue
Rocket Shipping