Sales Qualification Masterclass: How to Find and Fill Your Pipeline With Top-Tier Prospects

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Show notes

Top-tier prospects generate top-tier commission checks - and bottom-tier prospects lead to bottom-tier results.

If you want to blow it up, you need to find more potential customers who are more willing (and able) to buy. But if that were easy, everyone would do it.

We’ll make it easier for you in this Sell Better live show that’s laser-focused on prospecting for the highest quality of customers.

You’ll learn what actually works, from fancy sales tools to methods, and how you can get in with the right crowd more consistently.

What You'll Learn:
  • The tools that actually drive top-quality prospecting
  • How to leverage your contacts to generate warm intros to top-tier prospects
  • When and how to shift your prospecting approach to find who’s actually interested


Caroline Maloney
Caroline Maloney
Caroline Maloney
Customer Marketing & Community
Salman Mohiuddin
Salman Mohiuddin
Salman Mohiuddin
Salman Sales Academy