Simple Frameworks to Turn More Demos Into Deals

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Show notes

You can know your product inside and out – but that’s not the most important thing in a demo.

What does matter? How well you can learn to know your prospects and get them to trust you to solve their problems.

Watch Hannah Ajikawo and Jennifer Saito as they talk through the best credibility-building demo framework they use on a daily basis.

You’ll learn the prep, language, and call techniques you can use to turn more demos into dollars.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to set up demos in a way that builds buyers’ trust
  • Specific language that builds immediate rapport
  • How to earn credibility with a few questions


James Buckley
James Buckley
James Buckley
Content Creator & Host
Sell Better
Hannah Ajikawo
Hannah Ajikawo
Hannah Ajikawo
CEO & Founder
Revenue Funnel
Jennifer Saito
Jennifer Saito
Jennifer Saito
Account Executive
Culture Amp