The Four Pillars for Responding to (and Overcoming) Rejection in Sales

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Show notes

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the prospect says “No” - whether it’s at the beginning of a call, when asking for a demo, or any other step in the process.

Hitting quota consistently means knowing how to handle rejection, dealing with setbacks, and persevering even if the deal falls apart. We’ll show you all of the above and then some in this show.

What You'll Learn:
  • Immediate steps to take after you encounter rejection
  • 4 pillars for dealing with rejection in sales
  • Keys to building a rejection-proof, can’t-and-won’t-stop mentality


Lily Austin
Lily Austin
Lily Austin
Principal Advisor, Value Engineering
Nate Stoltenow
Nate Stoltenow
Nate Stoltenow
CRO & Founder
Humble Co.