Cold Outreach Fundamentals: Analysis From 3+ Million Cold Calls

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Show notes

Buyer resistance to cold outreach is at an all-time high.

Does that mean cold calling is an impossible feat in 2024?

After an in-depth analysis of 3.9 million calls, we can safely say cold calling is here to stay–and can become one of your most effective outreach tools.

In this show, Kyle Vamvouris and Cynthia Handal share data-backed insights that'll help you get fewer dial tones and more accepted calendar invites.

What You'll Learn:
  • Cold call challenges to watch out for (and how to fix them)
  • Tactics for overcoming buyer resistance to cold calls
  • How to use technology and data to battle low pick-up rates


Jason Bay
Jason Bay
Jason Bay
Founder & CEO
Outbound Squad
Cynthia Handal
Cynthia Handal
Cynthia Handal
Head of Global Sales
Kyle Vamvouris
Kyle Vamvouris
Kyle Vamvouris