Cold Video Prospecting Tactics to Book More Meetings

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Show notes

Video prospecting is not a new sales tactic. Yet still only a few sales reps use it effectively.

In this Sell Better show Tyler Lessard and Melissa Gaglione, two industry frontrunners who have mastered video prospecting, will share what has worked for them to see success.

Join us to learn when and how to use video to keep your deals moving forward.  Whether you’re new to video prospecting, or you are already using it, you’ll walk away with actionable insights to make your videos stand out and book more meetings.

What You'll Learn:
  • How video prospecting impacts the sales process today
  • When and how to use video prospecting to stand out
  • Top 3 tips from industry leaders to book more meetings with video


Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Leslie Douglas
Head of Sales Programming
Sell Better
Tyler Lessard
Tyler Lessard
Tyler Lessard
VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist
Melissa Gaglione
Melissa Gaglione
Melissa Gaglione
Account Executive