How to Reduce Ramp Time and Boost Revenue

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Show notes

One metric that flies under the radar when sales leaders talk about productivity is ramp time.

The faster you can get your reps up to speed, the faster they can be productive - yet many leaders and managers tend to focus on activity metrics that come after a rep has been onboarded.

But reducing ramp time while increasing the quality of those sales activities is where real growth comes from, and that’s the focus of this show of Sell Better.

What You'll Learn:
  • Why ramp time is critically important and the key business metrics it affects
  • How to know what the right ramp time should be for your team
  • Why training and onboarding aren’t interchangeable - and how to use training to reduce ramp


Nikki Ivey
Nikki Ivey
Nikki Ivey
Director of Sales Training
Sell Better by JB Sales
Ellis Stone
Ellis Stone
Ellis Stone
Sales for the Culture
Ralph Barsi
Ralph Barsi
Ralph Barsi
VP, Global Inside Sales